The project presented in this dossier details the points linked to Moghegno’s territory that need to be upgraded. Only with an investment in these areas will it be possible to give continuity to the restoration projects carried out in the past years and allow us to carry out this educational path that wants to testify to the complexity and multidisciplinary aspects of the rural community. The fulcrum of the project is the “Grotti”, a very important area for the past community, as it served as an area to store the fruits of labor and supplies for winter months.

Thanks to the proposed interventions, the points of interest will be enhanced, and the cycle of vital resources of the past, such as chestnuts, walnuts or grapes, will be connected in a single path. The processing of these products is a consequence of the tenacity of our ancestors for the survival and well-being of the community. This was seen as closely linked and dictated by divine will: for this reason we also included the chapels, whose location and paintings make us pay attention precisely to this aspect.

Here, this is the project. Now all that is missing is it realization.


We sincerely thank you! 

Your contribution allows the rural and farming tradition to continue to live on in our community and be passed down from generation to generation!