About Us

The Moghegno360 Foundation was born from the Gruppo Grotti, which wanted to find a solution to give a new life to the grotti area of Moghegno. In addition to the current members of the Moghegno360 Foundation, the Gruppo Grotti included Raffaella Bobst, Severino Rianda and Danilo Mazzi, who did a great deal of work to ensure that the many ideas could be put into practice in the current project and in the creation of the Foundation.

The Moghegno360 Foundation is composed of 6 members, including a delegate of the Municipality of Maggia, a delegate of the Patriziato of Moghegno and a delegate of the Parish of Moghegno, entities that are therefore actively represented in the Foundation.

The members of the foundation are also either professionally active in areas linked to the territory and its protection, or linked to local public associations.


Vanessa Hohl, President

Igor Vigani, Secretary

Igor Rianda, Vice-President and delegate of the Parish of Moghegno

Fabrizio Sacchi, delegate of the Municipality of Maggia

Fabio Rianda, delegate of the Patriziato of Moghegno

Daniele Giacomazzi

The Moghegno360 Foundation was created with the aim of protecting and valorizing the rural, natural and architectural landscape of the Moghegno area, with particular interest in the area of the grottoes and the ancient communication route that connects Moghegno to the lower Maggia Valley, while at the same time seeking to promote economic opportunities linked to local and regional tourism. 

The Moghegno360 Foundation has realized and is promoting the realization of the LANDSCAPE ENCHANCEMENT PROJECT, which aims first of all to restore a nucleus of grotti within this particular sector, but at the same time to revalorize numerous objects of great historical and cultural value, in order to create a whole with the architectural assets already revalued in past decades, such as the torbe, the carraia, the gra, the selva castanile and the patrician mill.

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