Landscape enhancement project

The main purpose of the project is to protect and improve the rural, cultural, natural and architectural landscape of the most characteristic and ancient part of the territory of Moghegno, and in particular the area of the “Grotti”, as well as the ancient communication route that connects the Lower Maggia Valley with the Upper Maggia Valley. At the same time, we want to promote economic opportunities linked to local tourism and create opportunities for social interactions, not only for the inhabitants of the village, but also for the entire municipal area.

The aim of the project is to bring together multiple points of interest into a single path. The points of interest were selected following an assessment of the historical and cultural wealth present in the area, and they were arranged on a circuit that almost entirely embraces Moghegno’s nucleus and its countryside. The beneficiary of this global educational path will be the community of Moghegno, direct heir of this heritage, but also the whole region, including school groups, and not least, hopefully, more and more tourists. Some of these points of interest have already been the subject of restoration in recent years by the Ente Patriziale and the Municipal Authority, with the help of associations operating in favor of the territory (Centro Natura Vallemaggia, APAV) or, in other cases, by private individuals. Other points of interest are still in need of restoration.